About Me

I love to learn in general, but mostly I am a data fanatic - I love reading, writing, and learning about all things data: science, analysis, and visualizations.

In February 2021, I made an exciting move to CivicActions to start their Data Science Practice! Wish me luck!

I fell in love with data when I got a gig as a data analyst for Comcast’s Xfinity Connect residential email team in 2014 after 5 years as a project manager. In that role, I was responsible for detecting compromised user accounts that were being used abusively. While I was still very new to data, I did manage to implement some cool detection algorithms some pretty creative ways.

From there, I moved to Xfinity Mobile’s Risk Management team in 2017. I focused initially on the detection and remediation of fraudulent purchases along with reporting. Combining data engineering, analytics, and science, I (along with a great team) built real-time fraud detection algorithms that significantly reduced our fraud exposure. After that, I shifted focus from fraud to credit - learning the ins and outs of lending. I spent my time baselining (building out our reporting suite) and forecasting performance based on our evolving strategy changes.

In the beginning of 2020, I made the move from Comcast to Socure as a Solutions Consultant. There, I was a technical expert on fraud prevention, Know Your Customer (KYC)/Customer Identification Program (CIP), Socure product modules, data science, statistics, data visualization, and proof of concept presentations in support of the sales and on-boarding processes.

In addition to data, I love being the father of 2 fantastic children and husband to a remarkable woman.