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How to Build a Binary Classification Model

What Is Binary Classification? Algorithms for Binary Classification Logistic Regression Decision Trees/Random Forests Decision Trees Random Forests Nearest Neighbor Support Vector Machines (SVM) Neural Networks Great. Now what? Determining What the Problem is Locate and Obtain Data Data Mining & Preparing for Analysis Splitting the Data Building the Models Validating the Models Conclusion What Is Binary Classification? Binary classification is used to classify a given set into two categories.

Machine Learning Demystified

The differences and applications of Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning. Introduction Machine learning is one of the buzziest terms thrown around in technology these days. Combine machine learning with big data in a Google search and you’ve got yourself an unmanageable amount of information to digest. In an (possibly ironic) effort to help navigate this sea of information, this post is meant to be an introduction and simplification of some common machine learning terminology and types with some resources to dive deeper.